Monday, November 14, 2011

Glow Foam!

If you haven't read up on Urban Taggers lately, you're out of the loop on this... so I'll give you a quick summary:  the new Streamline darts intended for use with the Rayven CS-18 actually have glowing foam instead of the sticker you once had to apply to the Firefly REV-8's Suction Darts.  I always hated the stickers on the Suction Darts, so it's nice that Nerf actually gave us normal dart construction with glowing parts.  The heads on the Streamlines also glow, but we kinda expected that.

Photo Courtesy of Urban Taggers
In UT's report, the glow of the actual foam is a bit weak.  There seems to be some concern about this fact, so I thought I'd dissolve your fears a bit.  The foam itself doesn't really have to glow to get that neat effect of glow-in-the-dark darts.  If you've ever used a Firefly before, you know how cool it is to see glow in the dark darts fired, as they appear as a green trail as they're fired.  However, when I first got my Firefly, I forgot to put the stickers on my darts, so all I had was the glowing head.  Since the tip of the dart is still glowing, you still get the same effect of that glowing green trail as the dart travels.  So even WITH the foam in the Streamlines of the Rayven appearing to be weak in UT's report of them, this should not effect the effect that glow darts are known for.

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