Saturday, November 26, 2011

Decisions decisions...

Messin with Configurations
I know, I know... N-Strike barrel extensions don't actually increase range or boost performance, but you've got to admit this much:  they still look cool. Perhaps my favorite barrel extension is the one off the Longstrike.  The design looks great on the Spectre and Reconand has rails on the top and bottom.  Last year, when I was messing around with configurations of N-Strike Accessories, I found a combination that I could not resist.  It's a Spectre with a scope, Raider-style Stock (pictured is a Super Soaker Shotblast stock), a Longstrike Barrel and a Tactical Light mounted underneath it.  Unfortunately, none of these options match in stock colors.

The guys at Indigo Studios have been teasing me for a long time with their Whiteout Spectre box art that gets talked about a lot.  If they made it, I could use a white ShotBlast stock and the Whiteout Longstrike barrel to mostly complete a unified looking version of this aesthetic beauty.  It'd be great, but we still don't know if it'll ever even happen.

So I've been considering painting some parts to match other stock parts that would unify the design.  I've had folks ask "Zook, why don't you just repaint the whole thing whatever color you want?!?"  Well, the truth is that, while I am quite capable of painting my own blasters, that when it comes to Nerf, I try to avoid this.  I like painting my Laser Tag blasters in camouflage and such because we actually use them outdoors.  I don't mind the stock Nerf colors on my blasters I use indoors and in the event that I get a picture nabbed when I'm playing a Nerf Game, I want it to be eligible for "Shot of the Week" :)  Silly, I know.

So now the decision is... what parts do I paint to unify the design?  Thanks to the parts I have... there are 3 major options to consider.

  1. Whiteout Colors.  I would have to paint the body of the Spectre white and attach a Whiteout Longstrike barrel with a White ShotBlast stock and scope.  It could wind up being in vain should Wal-Mart actually release the Whiteout Spectre... in which case I'd feel pretty silly.  I also don't have a good method of replicating the Whiteout Graphics onto my white-painted Spectre.
  2. Blue Colors.  I would have to paint the body of the Spectre blue and attach a Longstrike Barrel and Raider stock.  I do like my blue blasters, so this doesn't seem like an awful idea.  My worry is that the blue paint on top by the priming handle will wear off showing the yellow underneath. This wouldn't be so noticable/bad on the Whiteout repaint.
  3. Yellow Colors.  I would have to paint a Longstrike barrel's blue panels Yellow.  Attach that to my Spectre with a Yellow Raider Stock.  It could even add a Yellow scope and Tactical light to complete the original look in that picture above.  This would be the easiest option (and the Longstrike Barrel would look great on my Yellow Recon too)
So... I've got those 3 options that I'm trying to decide between.  Any insight as to your opinions or choices would be great, so leave a comment if you want.  I wanna do my painting before it gets REALLY cold around here!


  1. :) I'll email you IF I get around to finishing it :P

  2. Hmmm... If you have a few spare longstrike barrels, I guess test paint one in the yellow, but I think it'll clash with the orange, unless you do a bit of grey or black detailing maybe? and then I suppose you could use it with a yellow recon too.

  3. If it was going to be a display gun, I would say go for the whiteout color scheme. Since you will actually be USING it, maybe the best plan for the long run is to paint the parts you will be handling the least.