Wednesday, November 9, 2011

1SLT: Logo Contest!

A friend of mine just informed me of a logo contest for One Source Laser Tag (1SLT).  Dave Roman, the site owner, is gonna be hosting a Q&A for this in the LazerTag IRCc at 4:30 PST tomorrow (Thursday).  If you're familiar with IRC, the chatroom is called "lazertag" and it's on the Rizon server.  If you're NOT familiar with it, just follow >> THIS LINK << and choose a username to join.

For future reference, this chatroom gets used by Laser Taggers around the US pretty frequently (including myself) so if you want to better acquaint yourself with those who have been doing it for a long while, this is the place to do it!  5 Years ago, the lazertag IRC is where I got my start in really digging into Laser Tag modifications and they've been nothing but a wealth of knowledge at my fingertips.  The guys on the lazertag IRC have led me to great taggers like Greg with the ALTC, Mike Yates with CTDYNE, John Falto on LTAG, and numerous others.

1SLT is a great site for all things laser tag.  From buying new Laser Tag products to getting parts for modifications to tactical gear, they're literally your "Once Source" for it all!  Dave Roman is a great guy and has been serving loyal laser taggers for years now.  It's always a joy to work with him, so head on over to his site if you haven't already.  I also directly link to his site on the Links portion of my blog if you ever need a quick link.

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  1. Hey Zook, just wanted to give you an update on this, Dave never showed on Thursday but it looks like he posted to the Action Pursuit Gear page saying the chat will take place on Monday. Here's his post:

    Okay, we will be having a chat Q&A session on Monday the 14th on the logo design contest. I plan on having a web page up by the end of Saturday with all the rules and regs that have been established so far. Session will be from 4:30pm -7:30pm PST.

    Sorry for giving bad info, I thought it was already hammered out as being for Thursday, but I am guessing work got in the way - as it is wont to do.