Monday, August 29, 2011

Nerf Project: Longstrike Blur

It's a fact:  I'm an aesthetics whore.  It's also a fact that while the Longstrike is arguably one of the best looking blasters to hit the N-Strike lineup, it also has some of the most miserable stock performance ratings.  However, thank's to this thing called "modding", we can change that.  Even moreso, thanks to Orange Mod Works for coming out with kits to help folks improve their blasters... easily.

I've picked up a Whiteout Longstrike and have been working on it a bit.  At first, I was set on just set to upgrade it, but now I kinda wanna have it surpass that by having it sit at the heart of some modifications I want to implement on it.  It's already got a Stage 1 kit installed to give it incredible power, but there are things I can improve to get it performing better while still looking slick.

Here's my project:  the Longstrike Blur.  Not only do I want it to have power, but I want to integrate other features of blasters that I find helpful into this piece of eye candy.  The two biggest points I'd like to replicate are the Slam Fire and a Pump-action reload.  While I'm not 100% certain a Slam Fire mod is doable, I am certain that I'll need to improve the priming system by making it a shotgun-style activation.  I've been using a Longstrike in Nerf Battles for awhile now anyways, making use of the Clip System with 3 magazines.  Two 6-dart clips (one I leave empty at the beginning so as to allow me to pick up darts as I go along) and one 18 round straight clip.
You can see I've already made use of Orange Mod Work's Stickers by integrating it into the clip design.  The other sticker is on the opposite side of the blaster near where I sanded off the "warning, this blaster might be Kick Ass if you mod it" disclaimers.  I'm also gonna look into improving my Streamlines so they have some weight.  Looking into filling the tips with Hot Glue to help balance those uncontrollable pieces of foam.

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