Tuesday, November 27, 2012

News: 2013 Super Soakers

SoundMedia.ch (German Website) has images up of the new Super Soakers that'll be coming out in 2013.  There's some interesting designs among them, including the Arctic Shock and Flash Blast.  There's a few other links included that list the "Switch Shot" and "Shotwave".

Also included is a "Domination Drum", which is the LightningStorm's drum magazine being sold on it's own, as well as a Hydropack (similar to my "Endless Thunderstorm") that can connect to any clip-fed Super Soaker.

There are a few other blaster images that we've seen small photos of, but these are the highest quality ones I've seen so far.  Among the other sightings, there have been "Bananna" clips for the Super Soaker lineup, which should be pretty cool.  Keep it here for more news!


  1. Maybe the Flash Blast is a spring powered watergun

  2. A trigger on the flash blast? Please let it be air powered!