Thursday, October 11, 2012

Endless Thunderstorm in production?

Last summer, I came up with the idea to integrate a hydration pack into a clip-system Super Soaker to give the user nearly unlimited ammo.  I called it the "Endless Thunderstorm", and it's made it's way around the web once or twice.  Later, Super Soaker released it's massive drum magazine that pretty much trumped my original idea, but it was very front-heavy as a result of this.  Now Urban Taggers (with the help of Chenanio) has spotted something that I can't help but feel is oddly familiar to my idea last summer.  You be the judge.
I'm not trying to be one of those "Nerf stole my idea and owes me money" folks.  Instead, it's just interesting that an idea I came up with is actually going to be a legitimate product.  Cool!


  1. Great idea Zook! I personally see this as a situation where Nerf has taken a modder's idea and made it real

  2. pppff.. a hydration pack!
    i use a 5 gal.(20L) solar camping shower for 2 thunderstorm and refill teammate. i never run out of water after a day of soaking

  3. How much water can yours hold Zook?

  4. Sorry to rain on your parade but this has already been done by super soaker. All that happened is they brought it back.

    1. Oh I know the backpack watter carrier had been done, but not specifically for the new Clip System Super Soakers, which is almost exactly what I did with my Thunderstorm last summer.

      No raining needed.