Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Light Strike Super Duper Clearance!

Well, it looks like there's a Rollback of the Rollback at Wal-Mart for the Light Strike system.  And yet, the shelves are still stocked with them from what I can tell (at least in my area), despite the price being knocked down well over 50% of their original pricetags.  The Strikers, which ran for around 24, are at $10 a pop while the Assault Strikers, previously at 35, are down to $20.

If you've missed all my previous compliments of the flaw-riddled Light Strike system, here's some links below that might explain both the price drop and the in-stock shelves.

Tactical Tag Search: Light Strike


  1. I've seen these locally in Australia and was wondering if - despite their clear flaws - these might not be a better option for someone who never intends to own an Apple device (LTAR) and isn't worried about cross-compatibility with old light guns (LTX/LTTO). Are they really that rubbish? I loved the idea of the "add-on modules", especially since the LTAR equivalent is only available with an iPhone. :(

  2. I bought these on clearance at Target over the summer (July) for a birthday today (December). The kids are LOVING them! They keep switching between cooperative & competitive play. For these prices I wish more weapons had been available! I'm going to see if I can get a few more for under the tree...