Saturday, November 24, 2012

Multishot Madness

Urban Taggers and Nerf Mods & Reviews have done it again... they've got me talking, speculating, and drooling all over new Nerf-ness.  Maybe Nerf-ness isn't the word, as they've been using "Multishot Madness" as a hook for the Rough Cut 2x4 and the Vortex Diatron.  Both are among a slew of new images that came in off of Amazon's UK site.  They both feature simultaneous firing blasters, two Elite Darts or two XLR Disks, as their main gimmick.  The Rough Cut looks like a longer blaster based on the box shape and the two-handed nature of this shotgun-inspired blaster.

Let's take a closer look at these two new blasters, shall we?

The Rough Cut 2x4 is a pretty easy blaster to imagine.  Two darts, side-by-side, are fired at a time in a 2x4 layout for a total of eight darts.  The big question is whether it's still a plunger system with a pump-action prime or if it's an Air Blaster with a pump to fill the air chamber.  The description of the blaster states that it " lets you pump repeatedly to unleash a steady double stream of darts", so I'm assuming this has a slam-fire feature with a plunger system.

The Diatron has a spot on the back for a stock... which is still amusing to me since there's only one "Vortex" brand stock out there still.  Yes, yes, I know you can use any N-Strike stock, but there's far too many Vortex Blasters out there with a stock adapter included for there only to be one type available from the Praxis.  It's clearly got an inbuilt clip system, much like the Vigilon, but I can't seem to figure out where it is primed from.  Oddly enough, the blaster is rated for holding 10 disks but only comes with 8.

The other question that covers all of this is the question of where these will be released.  You'll recall that the Elite Stockade wasn't a domestic US release, so there might be blasters we're hearing about that won't hit US soil until later.  You'll notice that while the Diatron and Rough Cut blasters have "Feet" ranges listed, the other Elite blasters have meters listed for their ranges.  There's other great news on upcoming blasters like the Firestrike, Strongarm, and Stryfe.  Check 'em out over at Urban Taggers and Nerf Mods & Reviews!


  1. Just a note: The Diatron being able to hold ten disks but only coming with eight is probably a similar case to the Vigilon, since it frees up storage when you prime it.

  2. I've been wondering if the Diatron has the trigger-priming system, similar to the snapfire. That would explain the lack of a priming handle.

    1. I thought that at first too, but then I read this in the description on
      "Pull the priming lever and then push it in to load 2 discs"

  3. The diatron holds 10 discs prior to priming. After priming you could load two more for a max "cocked & locked" capacity of 12 (or 6 shots, as it fires 2 at a time). The box only includes 8 discs.

    The rough cut holds 8 darts, but comes with 24 in the box. Fascinating...