Wednesday, November 28, 2012

N-Strike Elite Stryfe Internals

The N-Strike Elite Stryfe is a Flywheel-driven Clip-fed variable pistol with options for a stock, barrel extension, as well as a top and bottom mounted Tactical Rail for other N-Strike accessories that was released in Fall of 2012.  There are a few interesting features about this blaster on the inside as well.  Below is a video detailing the various functions of it's internal layout including a full explanation of the safeties and locks built into it's design.

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  1. Soooo, wait.

    There's an internal system that maxes out at 16 volts ish.

    but it's battery bay is only for 4 AA batteries, or 6 volts.

    I suppose hasbro is on to people using lithium batteries ( 3.7 x 4 = 14.8 )

    very interesting.

    1. Probably that-but what they'll likely say if asked is that it's to protect the motors from any variance in voltage from recommended batteries. Though I do think I've seen the "1.5V AA battery" thing in the instructions and on the box a bit less with the newer blasters except where overvoltage would actually destroy components, such as the Rayven's magazine.

  2. Hasbro has included thermal resistors since the barricade.
    They are easily bypassed in most cases.

    We choose to use LIFEPO4 batteries which are 3.2v.
    This allows us to max out voltage while leaving most blasters stock wiring wise.


  3. The component in question is a PTC thermistor. It is an overcurrent protection device and is entirely current-controlled in nature. The reason for it to appear to react to voltages in an app like this is that higher voltage will cause the current passing through the load (motors) to increase.

    As to Hasbro's reason for including the PTC in stock guns, it is likely to protect the motor(s) and batteries in the event of a motor stall event (i.e. a flywheel gun left powered while locked up with a jammed dart) or a short circuit in the harness.

    For modders' purposes, the PTC supplied in a stock gun is underspecified, as it is intended to be triggerable by the weak stock power setup in the event of a short or stall; it may trigger due to normal motor currents present in a high-voltage modded electric. I usually advise that people remove them due to this fact to avoid reliability problems (think about what would happen if that thermistor triggered without warning in the middle of an HVZ game).