Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Black Friday Battle!

As we approach that crazy-busy shopping day, I'm starting to gear up for the next Black Friday Battle!  Traditionally, we've had a set of indoor Nerf games held on a day when most folks are out fighting over Plasma Screen TVs and brawling over Furbies. 

The trouble this year will be finding an indoor venue to hold this at.  2 years ago we held it inside an indoor Laser Tag arena after hours.  Last year we held it inside the music building on campus.  I'm starting plans to see where we might be able to have it this year.  It also means that I get to prime the general armory for loaner blasters for the game.  Either way, it's always a fun time to get together with folks over the holiday weekend.  I'll have updates on progress on a few more blasters being prepped for this as well as photos from the game when we've had it. 

Anyone else have games like this that you hold over the holidays?

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  1. we have a game on thanksgiving with family. maybe change to black friday so we can get discount blasters and use them in the same day!