Friday, November 16, 2012

LTAR: Winter Domination!

App Updates are at the core of the new Lazer Tag system.  With the apocalyptic winter ahead of us, the LTAR has some new gadgets, upgrades, and even a holiday gift for it's loyal taggers!  Up to $25 in free In-App abilities like weapons, special attacks, and hacks.  This is an easy way to upgrade your blaster to get through the solo campaign and get even MORE points to score even BETTER gear!

I personally enjoy blasting aliens when just using the App or hooking it up to my blaster.  I don't really use the App-based stuff for our games since... well... there aren't really enough to go around.  That, and trying to aim at targets 300-400-500 feet away is a bit of a pain using an off-centered camera.  You can be MUCH more accurate with ironsights on these outdoors.

There's also a slew of other Winter Domination extras like Multi-player only blasters you can use to "Freeze" your opponent's system up.  While these can only be used from LTAR-to-LTAR using the iOS device, it is a neat feature if everyone has this equipment.  Pictures of the newest blasters are after the jump, as well as a video commercial.

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