Sunday, November 25, 2012

Stryfe has Landed!

Basic Nerf has gotten their hands on the Stryfe, the latest N-Strike Elite blaster to hit shelves, and has plenty of pictures with different accessories equipped on it.  If these are starting to show up on store shelves in the US, these will likely see a full domestic release within the month or so.  4 AA batteries slinging darts at Hailfire ranges in a nifty clip-fed design with options for accessories on top, bottom, front, and back should have fans running to stores to see if their shelves are stocked with the new Stryfe.  Price has been reported at $24.99 USD.

What accessory combinations are you looking forward to most on the Stryfe?


  1. Take a look at iMod's blog! He's got a description on how the Rough Cut might work. Give it a look guys!

  2. 18-rd straight clips jungle style, if there's room in the shell to convert it belt-mount 9.6V battery pack.