Thursday, November 15, 2012

"Nerf Evolution" Set Photos

My buddy Pocket @ Urban Taggers posted up some ooey gooey news from a commercial set called "Nerf Evolution", or at least that's what Brandon Perea keeps calling it on his Twitter.

There's this photo of N-Strike Elite stuff on the wall and, naturally, everyone is freaking out about the Ruff Cut, or however that thing is gonna be spelled.  Speaking of odd spelling, I haven't seen anyone notice the Stryfe in this photo on the far right display case in this photo. 
We've got Firestrikes on the left, Strongarms in the center, and what looks like it could be the Stryfe on the right, given the one photo we actually have of it.  From what I could tell from the Abercrombie & Fitch actor's photos, the supposed Ruff Cut blaster doesn't share the coloration of the blasters seen in that right case.

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  1. I totally noticed it when many assumed it was the ruff cut because the picture was related to the other ruff cut pictures. I am on fire! lol