Sunday, November 25, 2012

Internals! Rough Cut 2x4

My "Big 3" Nerf Blogs have been VERY good to me the past couple of days or so.  SG Nerf has internal pictures as well as a comical, yet kind of uninformative unboxing and test fire.  The test fire was disappointing to me since the darts kind of flopped out.  I just didn't feel like I got a good idea of how it worked.

Kind of reminded me of the first video we got of the Pyragon in spring of 2012 from the kid who's dad "worked at Hasbro".  It was great to see it in action, but the reviewer gave so little useful information that it was more annoying to watch a novice attempt to explain something a lot of fans would've wanted more detailed information on at the time.  Oh well!

Thank heavens we got this image, a shot of the Rough Cut 2x4's Instruction manual!  It's got a multi-stage firing system, much like the Barrel Break had.  I'm still trying to figure out how the air gets directed to all 8 barrels from the two plungers on top, but a closer inspection of it's internals will reveal that.

SG Nerf's Rough Cut info


  1. Kinda makes me cry when people like that get unreleased nerf blasters, and have no vocal skills, and can't tell you anything about the gun. The least they could do is send the guns to normal people to explain. Normal people who have tripods and decent cameras.
    -Rant courtesy of Kronos

    1. The kid is only 11 n roughcut was released in Malaysia earlier than the rest of the world..we are lucky i guess

  2. I'm also confused on how the mech works.....

  3. Its going to be much more of a pain in the ass to mod than the barrel break.