Tuesday, November 27, 2012

"Light it Up" Goes Elite

Urban Taggers has posted a picture of the new box art of the Elite Rayven.  Instead of glow-streamlines, it'll feature glow-Elite darts.  The Rayven is also getting a performance upgrade, suggested by the "75 ft" range claim on the box, but I'm just happy to see my favorite electronic blaster in those great Elite colors I've loved since the start.  It raises a bit of a point of speculation for me, though.

With the Rayven getting the Elite treatment, does this mean that the Lumitron (as it was part of the Light it Up series, too) will be recolored like the Pyragon and Diatron are? 
While other Vortex blasters in the lineup have not followed suit with this new White scheme that the Pyragon and Diatron are featured in, the Neon Green color that was exclusive to the "Light it Up" blasters (Rayven and Lumitron) leaves the Lumitron as the remaining blaster in this color scheme.  There haven't been any sightings of a white Lumitron to suggest this change, but it seems like a possibility to me.

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