Thursday, November 29, 2012

Elite Stryfe Releases

I'll update this topic as they become more widespread, but the N-Strike Elite Stryfe is certainly making the rounds.  From being spotted on Toys R Us shelves around the United States to now getting listed on Wal Mart's website, the Stryfe will likely be a hot item this holiday season.

I picked mine up at a local Toys R Us, though there's always that higher markup you'll get buying them from there.  Keep your eyes peeled and post a comment if you've found the Stryfe near you!

Update: link added thanks to Wesitron!



  1. Argh I wish they'd turn up on amazon or ebay already, they aren't getting released over here until mid next year!

  2. Thanks for all the news, Bazookafied! Spotted the Stryfe just now on Amazon for 19.99 with free shipping! I hadn't seen it but your tip about Walmart got me checking. Mine will be here Tuesday!

  3. I was at my WalMart last night and they didn't have any. Probably in either a few weeks or in January they'll have a few Stryfes.

  4. Did you check the website for your local store's availability? You can save yourself a trip by using that feature.

  5. Hey Zook, just got this in from Basic Nerf, thought you might wanna know.

    Oh, yeah...Rampage with Shield!!!