Saturday, July 7, 2012

NIC meets Tactical Tag

This "Nerf Internet Community" has been good to me recently.  What with finally getting my account validated at Nerf Haven to nabbing some neat blasters from folks I respect and admire that have been in the hobby much longer than I, it's worth noting that I view the "NIC" more as a general way to talk about the community surrounding these mods, games, and people connected through the interwebs.

Today I got a few boxes of stuff that'll help both my hobbies I cover on this blog and I just wanted to thank them again on here.  The first is a nice blue Tiger-brand Phoenix LTX from the original Drac: Draconis.  I've been talking with him on and off for several years on the Nerf IRC and he's always been friendly and helpful.  I'm very appreciative that, when he got his hands on some Lazer Tag gear, he thought of my hobby.  It's in excellent shape and will serve the armory well!  The second is jerm781, the head honcho at Nerf Mods & Reviews.  We've been collaborating together on stuff for awhile now and he sent me his LTX 3K recently.  This is just such a cool blaster and it's wondeful to have a piece of NM&R history in my hands.  It also still has a functional LTX board inside, which I actually need right now!  I'll be doing a little internal work on this to clean it up, remove the unused Lazer Tag parts that I need, and do some aesthetic work on it as well.

The board out of Jerm's LTX 3K is actually going to help save my LTX EF5 project.  I'll have an update on that later this weekend, but long story short is that it needs a new board.  After getting VERY close to making the blaster functional, the EF5's board shorted and the electronic damage looks to be irreparable.  The board in the LTX 3K is getting removed to replace it so that the project may continue whilst retaining the Nerf internals Jerm installed in it.

So thanks to Draconis and jerm781 for their contributions and support of my hobbies!


  1. Cool im mostly a nerfer but recently drug out my old laser chalenge disarmed system an am thinking about doing an intigration into a barricade and wanted your opinion.

  2. I'm digging your site. I look forward to going to some Nerf Wars once I get back to the US.
    -Ben/marauder_4 webmaster of