Thursday, July 12, 2012

Hitting Power

I posted this up on my YouTube account yesterday, but with so much stuff going on, I flat-out forgot to do a post on it here!  I wanted to see how a stock Elite blaster matched up to a lightly modified one (AKA, my Retaliator).  To test it out, I propped up my trusty Captain America shield as a target and set the camera in front of it to record the impact the Elite darts were making.  Also to check and see if accuracy was effected at all by this mod.

The blasters used in this test were The Elite Rampage and Retlaiator.  The Rampage is stock and the Retaliator has it's AR removed and a higher tension spring.  These were fired from about 20 feet away, so don't rely on the accuracy these blasters displayed TOO much!  Still, it's fun to see and hear the obvious improvement from those simple mods.


  1. did you know you achieve more power + range when you use the slam-fire option (if possible).