Wednesday, July 18, 2012

LTX EF5: Update 6

I've solved the electromagnetic shielding problem and the EF5 is ready for a test drive!  Before the scheduled Lazer Tag game today, I decided to take a quick stroll to the park to zero the Red Dot sight and see how it did in the daytime (laser tag works better at night).  Everything is working great except for the Ammo gauge.  It's not lighting up at all, which isn't the worst thing ever if I can't fix it, but it'd be nice to have it functional if I can.  What I'm most pleased with is the fact that there's no power glitches, no resets, nothing like that during my tests.  I must've run past my stationary target firing volleys of IR light as I went past 3 or 4 times on less-than-stable terrain and all the jolts and jostles the blaster got didn't phase it at all.  The LTX DMR has been prone to power glitches under such circumstances and has been something I've yet to fix on it, so the EF5 is definitely a step up in this arena.

Next up is obviously a paintjob.  I may be able to break some ground on that today, but I have a few other things I need to get done for some of our other players tonight.  Wouldn't feel right to have my blaster all nice and done while theirs sit on the sideline.  I'll have another update once painting has started and hopefully have a combat report on how she performed too.

Below is a short vid of my first outdoor firing tests on it to zero my reflex sight.  It's a really tight beam, so having a sight like this really helps since even being off by an inch or so means I miss entirely.

Here's the previous updates:


  1. Let us know what your effective and maximum ranges come in at!

  2. I got really freaked out when I saw the second blaster.