Thursday, July 12, 2012

LTX EF5: Update 4

LTX EF5 closed up for test fitting internals
Did some major much-needed work on the LTX EF5 today.  Thanks to the spare board from jerm781 and some clever wiring by my friend Sundawg, the EF5 is finally electronically functional. All that's needed now is mounting the rest of the internals, building the battery pack, and a paintjob!  My goal is to hopefully field test this at our game this Friday, so I hope to at least have the battery pack and internals done for that.  If not, it'll likely be ready for our next regularly scheduled event next week.

I'm really happy with how the trigger transplant went. Ended up using the original LTX trigger and building a structure inside for it. Works quite well! Attached is a video of the LTX EF5's internals functioning in their new home. It looks like a mess in there since A: it's complicated work and B: some things still need to be mounted internally. Once they're secure and in place, I'll prepare it for painting.

Here's the previous updates:

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