Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Photos from IEB #7

Our grillmaster staying hydrated
This was arguably our best Independence Eve Blast (IEB) in the 7 years we've been doing this.  GREAT turnout, excellent food, and really fun games.  Despite the heat, we stayed refreshed with Water and Gatorade on hand and took long breaks between the 4 games we did.  Another nice surprise was the fun mix of newbies and veterans.  Some of our original founders who haven't been able to come in a few years were able to make it out, so it was great having them there.  Myself and Sundawg had our cameras at the event, so for now I've just got some photos from my camera to share.

I had been working my LTX EF5 (which will be getting a progress update soon) with my friend earlier in the day and ran into a snag that kept me from fielding it for a test run.  Instead, I got my LTX DMR running again and had some fun with that blaster.  Some of our new players were big fans of it, as it usually turns heads in general.  Having modded weapons in the field like the LTX DMR tend to increase interest in what we do, so it's good to have something to hook our new players.

We played well on into the night, right up until the time the park closed.  Fireworks shot off overhead and the thick smell of gunpower filled the air as we played our final games of the evening.  I look forward to this event every year for a reason and this year we just had a really great time.  Good people, lots of turnout, great exposure for our group and for laser tag in general... it was everything I had hoped for!  Just a great way to celebrate our country's independence!!

I'll have more photos from this event as well as that update on the EF5 I promised later!

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