Thursday, June 28, 2012

LTX EF5: Update 3

Broke a LOT of ground today, more than I expected, on the LTX EF5.  From sanding this beast to mounting the sensor dome, progress is moving along much more smoothly/faster than the LTX DMR had last summer.  Here's what I managed to do today!

After using a belt sander to get off all those jagged etched designs from the Tornado Strike shell off, I proceeded to finish up the sensor dome mount. I drilled a space into the top of the shell, modified the existing Phoenix LTX Housing, and connected it all with Plast-aide. It worked great!

I also mounted the Shields button, which is a rocker switch just forward of where the trigger will go.  Flawless, seamless operation of the shields is a MUST in our games, as players who have used the LTX will know.

I also mounted a NcSTAR Reflex sight that works perfectly with the blaster. The sight is elevated enough that it clears the sensor dome in the front. The video below should give you a good idea of where the blaster is at right now.

Here's the previous updates:


  1. love the new shield toggle. good job, zook!

  2. Nice work mate, what sort of range have you got?