Thursday, July 5, 2012

NcSTAR Sight for Nerf or Laser Tag

Whilst Urban Taggers is giving away the oh-so-coveted Nerf Pinpoint Sights, I've decided to shed some light on one of my favorite accessories that's a little more functional.  This is the NcSTAR Red Dot DP.  It's a very simple adjustable red dot reflex sight that can attach to various sizes of rails, making it ideal for both my Laser Tag and Nerf hobbies.

Functional AND Tacticool!  Take THAT, N-Strike!
The clap design can adjust widths that can be as thin as a N-Strike rail or as wide as the one on the Phoenix LTX.  No modification to the blaster is needed to fit this guy on there.  Just tighten the two screws until it's sturdy on the rail and then zero the sight with the adjustment knobs.  It's versatile, easy to use and adjust, and best of all: it's cheap!  About 10 bucks will land you this Reflex Sight, an extra battery, and a cleaning cloth for it.  It's a great deal!

As a disclaimer, obviously saying this sight will work on anything is a stretch.  I have tried a Nerf Blaster or two that has a rail that's too thin.  To fix this, you can bend the mounting points a little so that it can fit on a narrower rail.  A little ingenuity goes a long way.

Here's my video review on this great little sight!  Pick one up for your blaster today!  Here's the link to one at


  1. here is some lazer stuff foe you

    1. Thanks, but I've got plenty.

    2. that many blasters? for that cheap? wow. 17 laser tag blasters, for 75.00. THAT is a steal.

    3. Keep in mind that lot still has nearly 3 days left on it. That price will go up, but I might keep my eye on this one...

  2. ok do more nerf on your youtube

  3. I have the exact same red dot sight :)

    Review here:

    It's actually originally UTG, NcStar just gave it nice packaging and a warranty.