Sunday, July 1, 2012

Elite Rampage Stock

Not all mods have to require extensive work and ingenuity to get something to look sharp.  While this may not be the most jaw-dropping thing ever, I've made an "Elite" stock for use with the Rampage, Retaliator, and Stockade.  It's really just part swapping thanks to my LTX EF5 project, but it's a simple solution for those who are bummed that A: the Rampage doesn't come with a stock and B: none of the Elite series removable stocks are adjustable.  I've really been a fan of the Raider-style adjustable stocks for the N-Strike line, so I swapped the gray connection on this guy for a white one off of a Super Soaker stock (from the Shotblast or Tornado Strike).

Only a minor modification to the Super Soaker part was needed to fit the Raider stock, just sanding down a part near the end of the support tube.  It means I can use this stock on my Elite blasters (when they get here) and use the gray stock on my LTX EF5 which is getting painted.  The fewer parts I have to paint, the better, so having a gray tube on that stock is one less thing I have to worry about.

So if you've got a Raider Stock, Super Soaker Stock, and an Elite blaster that needs a stock, this idea is a simple way to solve that.  You won't get mentioned on the NM&R site for this easy of a mod, but I like my stuff to match.  If you do too, this'll serve you well!


  1. Clever. I will have to do this. Thanks for the heads up! nice thinking.

  2. lol same stock i used on the m4