Monday, July 16, 2012

LTAR Preorders!

Thanks to snapdragonone on the LTTO Yahoo! Group, we've got pre-orders for the Lazer Tag Augmented Reality system!  It gives us a look at the box art and another angle at the final design for the blaster itself, but there are a few more question marks raised as a result of this.

Reports told us that the LTAR was slated to hit the North American supply chain on July 8th, which was a week ago now. Initially they had stated the LTAR was slated for an August 1st release.  However, the pre-orders for Toys R Us's online store list it for an August 18th release date.

Another odd thing about this is that there's currently only pre-orders for the single player blaster.  The LTAR will be released on it's own AND as a 2 player set, but it's odd to see them only listing the blaster on it's own.

Another odd thing is that it's still being labeled as "Nerf".  Originally I remember reading that, unlike the Phoenix LTX, the LTAR would not be branded under the Nerf name.  However, it looks like a last-ditch "Stamp of Approval", since the Nerf Logo is just sitting small on the box and not seen visibly on the blaster itself.  Still, I wasn't expecting it.

The sets include the iOS cradle, the cases for either the iPod Touch or iPhone versions to hold them securely inside the blaster, and a part to cover the empty space when you remove the iOS cradle and just play with the base blaster.  Prices for the single player system is listed for preorder at Toys R Us are $39.99, which isn't much more than a high-end Nerf Blaster.  It's also Toys R Us, so I expect retail prices to be cheaper than this.  We don't know what other retailers will carry this at this present time.

Links for both versions are listed below.
NERF Lazer Tag Blaster - Orange
NERF Lazer Tag Blaster - White

As usual, I'll keep you posted on more information as it becomes available.  You can also track the latest news on the LTAR at Windjammer's LTAR site.


  1. You can save $16 if you pre-order two and get pretty much the same as the 2 blaster price, if I remember it correctly:

    Online Only! SAVE 20% when you spend $75 or more on eligible regular-priced toys!

  2. Do these work with the old laser tag guns???

    1. Depends on your definition of "old". The LTAR is designed to mainly be backwards compatible with the Phoenix LTX (2008) and the Lazer Tag Team Ops lineup (2004) which includes the Deluxe, Drone, and Master Blaster.

  3. The "piece to cover up the empty space" is also the rear half of the iron sights, so it's a bit more important than just covering things up.

  4. The main guy is using a Lazer Tag Deluxe(modified) as his weapon!