Friday, July 20, 2012

Pyragon Inbound!

It's been 5 months since I stumbled upon the Vortex Pyragon thanks to Hasbro's Investors Presentation slideshow, so it only seems right that I nab it as quickly as possible, right?  Well, by Tuesday of next week, I'll have a Pyragon to review and dig into of my own.  I'm kind of psyched just because it's such a neat blaster, but I also realize that it's thanks to the Pyragon that this blog gained a lot of attention that it would've otherwise missed out on.

There have been a few others that have managed to get their hands on this blaster before me and I've liked what I've seen so far.  Expect a full review including a report on it's internals compared to the Praxis/Lumitron coming up on July 24th!

The other nifty thing we get from this, if you've missed it, is a nod towards the Nitron Shield that had been speculated before.  It's got a spot on the back of the Pyragon box, so it'll be neat to see if and when that actually comes out.


  1. I have one coming for Monday! Kinda psyched!

  2. I live in Omaha too