Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Elite Dart Testing

I'm very interested in stock darts, mainly because when I host indoor games, hundreds of darts get all mixed up and it'd be a nightmare trying to sort them all out if we were all using different kinds of customized darts.  So when the Elite lineup claimed they had a "elite design" for this new dart, I had to check it out.  It's probably the main reason I'm interested in the Elite blasters (although the new internals are certainly fun).  What I'm looking for is a good dart to replace my inaccurate and unbalanced Streamlines, and I think the Elite Darts might be the answer to that.

I tested the Elite Darts with non-Elite blasters.  The NiteFinder, the Big Bad Bow, and the Longstrike.  All three of these blasters have modifications internally but their power has often made streamlines spiral out of control or veer off at a crazy angle.  Do the Elite Darts solve these problems?  Check out my video review of this new type of ammo.

Sorry for having to take down this post for a little while.  Had to re-upload the video due to picture skipping near the end.


  1. i guess we will be saying good bye to the streamline, whistler dart and suction dart.

  2. So the elite darts haven't quite solved the streamline's accuracy issue?

    1. Not quite, but they're certainly a step up. Did some more testing last night with a friend's modded Stampede. The Elite darts easily got 10 more feet of range than the streamlines.