Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Power Monger

As I've been cleaning, organizing, and preparing some things for storage, I decided to take a second to realize how many AA batteries I had running the old Laser Challenge Armory.  Since I had to take them all out to prep them for cleaning and storage anyways, I lined 'em all up and took a count.  To power the 40 Set armory, it took 224 AA batteries!

The old OLCA group in all it's loaned-out glory
Most of these batteries were donated over the past 7 years to our armory to help power our blasters.  The biggest showing is Duracell with Rayovac as a close second.  Third was Energizer and then the lesser brands like Enercell, Dynex, and Eveready fill out the smaller sets of batteries.  Still, it's not only a testament to  all the great folks who have been donating batteries to our public armory for the Midwest Laser Tag Association's games, but also of what we tend to depend on most.  Makes me wonder if I should look into a Duracell sponsorship!


  1. LOL, you have a army of batteries XD!

  2. Ever considered rechargeable batteries? Save the environment. :)

    1. Not only do rechargeable batteries not do well in laser tag blasters, but with an armory that could support 40 players, having time to recharge all 200+ batteries would be a nightmarish chore. Trust me, if it were feasible, we would be doing that.

  3. I doubt you would have the time but are you going to test them all? It would be interesting to see what percentage of eash brand is still good.

  4. How many batteries does each blaster take? Or does it depend on the model?