Wednesday, July 4, 2012


Whilst celebrating with friends and family today, I decided to do one for my loyal viewers!  Here's my latest Nerf EBF-25 Vulcan mod: the Boomstick.  All it takes is a Roman Candle, a lighter, and a supportive girlfriend to shoot HD video.

Disclaimer!  This is NOT safe to do!  I pointed mine upwards so as to not hurt anyone whilst firing this.  Do not attempt if you're an idiot.

But seriously, celebrate safely!  ...and Happy 4th of July!!


  1. Funny thing is, I did the exact same thing with a Recon! Great minds think alike and all..

    1. That's awesome! The ones we were using were too thick to fit in a Recon barrel. Happy 4th, Milez!

  2. I loaded the barrels of my magstrike airsoft bbs and shot it. It looked just like fireworks. Looks like alot of us do cool nerf stuff for the fourth

  3. Hahaha, we use torches too :P

  4. Did you have to get rid of a YouTube video to put this one on? (Since you still have ninety-nine videos.)