Thursday, July 19, 2012

200,000 Pageviews!

Wow!  I can't believe this little blog has gotten here so quickly!  It's been a little over a year since I opened the doors to Tactical Tag and started sharing my Nerf and Laser Tag projects on this blog and things like THIS let me know that... somehow... I'm doing things right!  I'd like to thank everyone who has supported this blog and made checking up on this place worthwhile every day!

To commemorate this occasion, I've painted up a Tactical Tag-themed Phoenix LTX.  I'm really happy with how it turned out and it'll be going to one of our active players in the MLTA as his personal blaster.  It looks great and I hope it serves him well in the future!

I'd specifically like to thank a few people, in no particular order.
Pocket Esq (Urban Taggers) originally inspired me to open Tactical Tag.  With his interest in laser tag and my connections to those involved in the game and hobby here, we have had a mutually beneficial relationship sharing information about Nerf and Laser Tag.  UT is responsible for much of the large-scale attention this blog has gotten and really helped this place take off!  Their support has been invaluable to the growth of this blog.  Thank you!

jerm781 (NM&R) has been a helpful, insightful, and supportive friend since we first started working together.  He's a great person to work with and I could not be more proud lending a hand on his blog alongside JetCell and Triangle.  The community he has built at NM&R is a wonderful place that I enjoy being a part of.  It has introduced me to so many other hobbyists and fans and the connections I have made through his blog could not have been made anywhere else.

Flux (ALTC) has been knee deep in the Laser Tag side of things much longer than I.  His help predates the creation of this blog and he has been a great resource and connection to the laser tag world.  His experience with hosting games for the Auburn Lazer Tag Club, involvement in the local tagging scene, and promotion of the game has been a vital part of exposing this game that I love.  Without his encouragement and help, I probably would not have been nearly as involved as I am now.

Mike Yates (CTDYNE) started off as a laser tagging hero of mine.  At first I was only able to respect and enjoy his laser tag modifications from afar.  After awhile, we started to talk on message boards and e-mails.  Later on, he built the lens arrangement for my coveted Pulse Rifle project and the LTX Combo Mount, both of which are prized items in my collection.  

Members of the MLTA (OLCA) have been the driving force in what I do.  Most of these guys have been long time friends with me since High School or College, so to be able to tag it up every summer with them has been an absolute joy.  While I enjoy the hobby side of things, playing the game with these great players is what it's all about.  They've also been Nerfing with me and helped me run on-campus games.  A few of them, Sundawg, Eleri, and German, have been active in the hobby and help me out at Mod Nights for both Nerf and Laser Tag projects.  Working alongside them has been an excellent resource and an enjoyable experience!


  1. Cool looking blaster! And 200,000 views. Wow. I just got 1,000!

  2. one question. what is the front?

    1. It's called the "Shot Blast". It was an accessory to the Phoenix LTX when it was originally released in 2008 that wasn't included in later releases. They are rare.

    2. thank you. Ebay, here I come!!!!