Thursday, February 16, 2012

LTX Combo Mount: Almost here!

Combo Mounts #1, #2, and #3
I've been keeping track of the progress on CTDYNE's limited production of the LTX Combo mount (and for good reason) and I figured what with all the Lazer Tag news surrounding the new LTAR that it'd be good to remind you that the Phoenix LTX is still out there with the latest on this new accessory.

Apparently LTX Combo Mount #4 (which is mine) is ready to ship out, but to keep me psyched about it, I received a picture of the #3 model that was built for a certain developer of LTTO, LTX, and LTAR.

TagFerret's Prototype LTX w/RapidBlast & Combo Mount
Hi Mike,
Thought you might like to see this. A couple of days ago Tagferret sent me this image of CTDYNE Combo Mount unit #3 mounted on one of his LTX taggers. Pretty cool image not only because of the Combo Mount, but also the all-OD early sample LTX and the OD RapidFire. I don't think i have ever seen a RapidFire in any color but that LTX blue before. He said he did not have a scope at hand that he wanted to use with the Combo Mount so he is going to obtain an appropriately sized model specifically for use with the CM unit #3.
 - Mike

The RapidFire or RapidBlast is one of the LTX attachments that never got developed but a few prototypes did exist. It's my hope that 1SLT produces a few of these with the help of TagFerret (info on that HERE), but it's just kinda neat to see an all-green prototype of it on an LTX with the CTDYNE Combo Mount on it. Just an awesome blaster!

You can expect a full review of the LTX Combo Mount once it gets here.  Should be here within the month!


  1. So is that mounted from a tac rail? Looks pretty sturdy and everything.

    1. The LTX Combo Mount connects to the rail on top of the Phoenix LTX that usually has the Green dot sight. It does not impede with any of the blaster's functions, including the recoil hammer on the back of it. It's sturdy and secure and attaches easily to the rail.

      Only 5 of these are being made. 6 if you count the original one that CTDYNE built that spawned the 5 "production" types. I'll have #4.

    2. Only 5 of em, and you get 1. That's really awesome! Post pics when you get it. What do you plan on attaching it to?

  2. I was lucky enough to have the 1st Combo Mount made for me - pretty special. I used it at Fort Tag. A picture of Tagferret trying it out there - was featured here on the Tactical Tag blog.
    - Duncan