Monday, February 27, 2012

Tactical Formalwear

So my significant other works at a Tuxedo shop and has some... interesting attire on hand for a wedding coming up.  I suppose this is one of those "You might be a redneck if..." moments for whatever couple is having these vests (and matching ties) for the Groomsmen to wear.  That's  a hunters camouflage vest I'm modeling in the back room.  Just thought it was funny and something that I could share here.

It's also buying me some time as I work on trying to make this Brigade Blaster a worthwhile blaster.  Converting it to fire Nerf Darts has been trickier than I thought, so keep it here for details when I finish that.  Well, that's IF I finish that!  Lets just say it's not as easy as removing the AR's on this fella.  However, I am still hopeful to get it to work since it actually has an impressive seal on the O-Ring for a stock blaster.  If you missed it, here's my review of it.


  1. looking quite regal there mate! sam in australia!

  2. That's quite spectacular. I'm not sure if you could wear a tux with that, however... I'd totally wear one just as a waistcoat, though. But, then again, I'm also homeschooled. xP

    Also... If the groomsmen are wearing camo, what are the bridesmaids wearing? And, actually, the bride, for that matter.,,

  3. I'd rock that in a nerf war. I should have my wife sew me up a cammo vest. XD

  4. cool,but why do people need a link if its just underneath?

    1. Web 101: Never assume anything. Always a good idea to link to things.

      Also, RSS feed users and Blogger Dashboard users won't have it underneath, since they're jumping straight to the post, not the blog itself.