Saturday, February 11, 2012

Pyragon Design: Not quite the Praxis

I knew this looking at the Pyragon for the first time, but there are still some folks who are labeling this latest Vortex Blaster as another Praxis recolor with different gear (a la Lumitron).  I figured a side-by-side comparison would put those theories to rest rather quickly.

There are enough significant external changes that would make the Pyragon it's own unique blaster design.  While it is about the same shape and size as the Praxis, there are notable differences between the two.  I direct you, first, to the longer tactical rail on top of the Pyragon.  The lower portion of the blaster also has a different design to it, with the Praxis looking like it might actually interfere with the drum on the Pyragon, which has led some folks to think that the drum is actually part of the Pyragon design housing 4 10-disk Magazines.  The handle construction on both the blasters is also different.
However, this side-by-side comparison also reveals an important detail: the layout of the functions.  You'll notice that the trigger and magazine release switch are in the identical spots on both blasters.  Additionally, the jam release switch and pump-action prime are in the same places as well.  This leads me to believe that the Pyragon is running the same kind of Torsion-spring firing mechanism as the Praxis, Lumitron, Vigilon, and Proton.  However, none of those designs feature Slam-Fire, which has yet to appear on a Vortex Blaster.  Many hope and speculate that the Pyragon will be the first Vortex blaster with Slam-Fire, with the large ammo capacity drum being a big reason to have rapid-fire capabilities.


  1. Now i see what you mean-they are quite different. Thanks 'Zook

  2. Ok I see it But it is praxis like, But one Huge diffrence is the barrel, Its shorter but wider and covered with the tactical rail =) - Ploper V2

    1. It's not shorter, these images just aren't the same scale. Look at the jam release toggle and magazine release switch. They're very different sizes despite being the same part. The barrel is also about the same, not a huge difference at all.

      As far as the blaster not being a praxis, it still looks to me like it has its origins in the Praxis. Call it a Praxis XL, if you will. It's not a direct repaint, but it's not far off. I'm guessing the internals are exactly the same, as far as firing and priming goes, the only possible difference being the magazine mechanism. That said, at least it's a decent Praxis remake (not repaint), unlike the Lumitron, which just slapped on an ugly coat of paint and removed the stock.

    2. If you go by that logic the entire lineup is just a praxis knockoff. They all have similar internals which is why the body shapes are all the same.
      The Pyragon is honestly the single most unique of the vortex lineup.

  3. Thanks for posting this. I thought about doing a write up about it too, as they are different enough to not warrant all the "praxis" comments.

  4. Who knows how much does it cost in department stores in Singapore?