Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Chat it up?

I've kicked the idea around for awhile of having a chatroom specifically for Tactical Tag, but it seems like most folks already have a home elsewhere.  I don't really plan for this to be a "popular hangout" or anything like that, but rather a place where folks can ask questions if they happen to find me online.  I may even host live events from this later on for Mod Nights, a frequent get-together that myself and fellow taggers organize to work on projects. 

I realize that a common problem with the Chatroll system is that if it's listed at the top of the main page (like Nerf Mods & Reviews) that it can get bogged down with inactive users, eating up the limit of 10 viewers at a time pretty quickly on high-traffic sites.  Since this blog has seen heightened use over the last few months, I thought instead to have the chat room on it's own page.  This way, folks who want to see it can get in and folks who just want to browse/read the blog won't take up the open spaces. 

If you want to read the blog AND use this new chat room, simply open the "T³ Chat" tab in a separate tab or window.  I hope it works well!  Click the far right tab on the menu bar to get started!


  1. Hey! This is a good idea. I will copy you. :D

  2. I agree, this is a nice idea. Hopefully it won't follow the path of NMR's chat and won't get bogged down by invisible guests and spammers.

  3. Yeah I actually wanted to remove the NM&R chat but when I did I got a bunch unhappy viewers. Then I moved it to it's own page and people still wasn't happy. That was back when I actually used the chat myself.:)

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