Friday, February 17, 2012

Smart Spamming

Make the most of that High-Capacity Clip!
Tired of burning through ammo on high-capacity clips and magazines with your Nerf blasters?  It's not completely your fault, you know.  Having all that ammo at your disposal with no real way to track how much you're going through just isn't fair.  Well, if you just equip yourself with some good old fashioned knowledge, you won't have that problem anymore!  Check out this simple tip to make tracking your ammo consumption during games as easy as loading your blaster!

Watch my video to learn about this simple trick that can be applied to virtually any blaster that has an ammo loading mechanism, be it an N-Strike Clip, a Vortex Magazine, a Dart Tag inbuilt magazine, or even a Vulcan ammo belt.


  1. First off, I am super jealous of that red recon. I love. Second, That is such a simple yet excellent idea to keep track of ammo. Thanks for that info.

  2. cool idea with the different darts/discs. I myself use the 6 dart clips a lot.

  3. Awesome idea! I'll start using that. As an added kicker I guess you could also colour in your last 2 or 3 darts with marker to let you know you need to reload.

  4. lol i did this before it was cool. i would load the ,last 5 shots in my vulcan belt with black whistlers so i knew i was almost out. i also do the whiteout thing, just with rayven darts instead

  5. download low cant watch wats the tip?

    1. My initial tip would be to reload the page (the link works fine for me), but if it still doesn't work, it's just explaining a method of loading different colored darts to help you visually keep track of how much ammo you've burned through.

  6. thnx i ment our download is limited and u-tube takes alot so im not allowed to go on u-tube thnx anyway good idea

    The dude above