Thursday, February 16, 2012

Darth's Firefly Tech

If you don't know Darthrambo, you really should!  He active on the Nerf Mods & Reviews Chatroll and is quite the established modder.  I remember discussing Firefly Tech mods with him a little while ago and the possibility of making your own (instead of stocking up on Rayvens and Lumitrons just for the magazines).  The idea of installing the neccissary LEDs to charge glow disks and darts inside the blaster instead of the clip system seemed like an economical and smart idea.  Since refill packs for glow disks and darts are much cheaper to obtain, all you need to do is install the LEDs inside your blaster in a position so they can charge the dart or disk and load a standard clip or magazine with the glow darts or disks.

Darth beat me to the punch on this one, but I'm more than alright with that!  Check out his submission to Universal Nerf to see the first Firefly Tech Alpha Trooper!  


  1. Excellent idea. especially with how much people want for those firefly clips. This way you can make firefly available on any gun, with whatever clip. Pretty awesome. I think I might do this to the next longshot I do.

  2. why didnt nerf just do that in the first place???

  3. With my next mav I was thinking something like that but this is much cooler! LEDs inside the blaster for Firefly tech is just plain awesome. I will have to experiment with the idea in a good blaster.