Friday, February 10, 2012

Lazer Tag: Another angle

Courtesy of Windjammer, we've got info from an investor's press conference this morning for Hasbro. In the presentation they mentioned the new Lazer Tag and featured a new image that sheds a little more light on that iDevice holder that's had all the laser taggers scratching their heads as to how it functions/sits on the blaster.  This angle gets us the first view of the front of the blaster and shows the iPod with the menu screen alongside the promo image we've had.

That possible reload switch is MUCH more visible in this image too, so as we await more hard information about this, does this angle change anything you thought about the taggers functions from before?

Also a short audio clip form this presentation, form Windjammer again:
I finally was able to capture the audio of the presentation. Catch it here...

So, nothing really new in the presentation. But what was nice to see is that Hasbro opened their investor's presentation with the new Lazer Tag. So obviously it's a big deal to the Hasbro suits.
I've taken that same shot and removed the screen from the image.  I almost wonder if the LCD screen sits where the Orange case comes up against that gray portion is?  It's a little easier to visualize with this edited photo.  That gray section is also where the back half of the Iron Sight is located, so I'm almost certain that the iDevice case either has to be removed or folded down.  Honestly, to get the most secure fitting for the iDevice on there, I think it has to be removable, so the edited image to the left MAY be the look of the stock Lazer Tag blaster (or pretty close!)


  1. Rumors are strong that a new iPhone is coming this year and along with it, a new design for the case. I assume this means new iPods too. August being relatively far away, I can imagine this getting pushed back if we see an announcement from Apple.

  2. They had some pictures about nerf there as well. Check it out the PDF of the presentation here...

    1. Wow! Thanks for the intel, Windjammer! Where on earth do you find this stuff?

  3. Do my eyes deceive me or does it look like the iDevice holder might slide onto a rail from the rear of the blaster?

  4. Glad it was helpful. If you go to Hasbro's corporate site, you can see a link to all of their investor presentations...