Monday, February 6, 2012

I love me a good Longshot!

I've kind of been in a Longshot mood recently if you haven't noticed.  From featuring my Red Strike Longshot in the Recasings video to talking about why the LS packed it's bags, I must have it on my mind.  And then I came across a submission for another blog I work on: Universal Nerf that had a nice repainted LS with a few cosmetic mods.  This Black Widow Longshot is made by a frequent reader on here, so I thought I'd promote it on this blog too.  I've seen a LOT of great repaints for the Longshot for props, Nerf, Laser Tag, you name it! So today, it's all about the Longshot!
Here's that Black Widow Longshot from Peter Torres.  I like the Red Dot sight on there too, though I can think of a few better ways to have attached it other than hot glue!  (That NcSTAR Red Dot I reference in this post)

Here's an awesome Longshot Sniper Rifle that's circled the interwebs quite a few times.  And for good reason!  It's an awesome looking sniper rifle job that makes use of both Longshot and Recon accessory parts, plus a bipod and carry handle to make it look legit.  Notice the use of the Recon's Tactical Light as the Muzzle on the end of the barrel!  Built by meandmuch.

This is a prop themed in the Aliens (1986) film.  Nerf Props among Colonial Marines props are common and I stumbled across this one while building my Pulse Rifle and getting ideas and help from other fans of this film.  I REALLY like the stock on this guy!  Makes it stand out!

So if you've got a cool Longshot, link us!  We'd love to see what you've got out there!

OR better yet, if you've got your own customized Longshot (or anything else Foam-shooting) head on over to Universal Nerf and post it there!


  1. Love the post about the LS! I am glad that you like my Black Widow LS! Just to set the record straight, I did NOT hot glue the red dot to the gun itself. It is fully removable from the gun. I did however hot glue it to an attachment rail that I took from an old parts gun that I had laying around. I could not find any LS scopes which I would have painted and I think would have added a sweet new aspect to it. Thanks for the support :)

  2. Lol, I got that same red dot sight for christmas.

  3. Bazookafied - If its not to much to ask I would love if you followed my blog. Maybe others would see it and would show some support :) If not that's cool! Thanks!