Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Shelf News! Seeing "Red" in February!

This month has Air Zone written all over it!  There were a few new blasters, some that I had seen and some I had not seen before, on the shelf at my local Toys R Us.  First off the bat is that Quickfire 12 that Nerf Mods & Reviews reported a few days ago.  It was smaller than I expected, but a neat looking blaster regardless.  The odd thing about the packaging was that the darts were already inside both barrels.  I don't know that this kind of packaging is good for the foam, as I try to not leave darts in my blasters to prevent the foam from getting compressed.  Anyway, it was 19.99 USD.

Then there was a smaller version of the Punisher, the MG 25, also by Air Zone.  Oddly enough, it packed the same 39.99 USD pricetag as the full size Punisher.  They call this overpriced blaster the "Quickfire Gatling Blaster".  Apparently "Quickfire" is Air Zone's thing.

While I couldn't find a price on it at the time, I think I was most surprised and impressed by this fella.  Aptly named the "8 Darts Blaster", it's the same model as the Zombie Blaster but it actually has accessories.  The top rail has an option for either dart holders or a "scope".  The bottom rail has an option for a spring-primed mini arrow launcher that I thought was pretty cool.  I don't know how good of performance it gets, but it's nice to finally see a weapon designed for a tactical rail for dart blasters.

I also saw two goodies for the Nerf Vortex Lineup.  First, the Lumitron has landed (with a 39.99 USD Pricetag).  This is the first place locally I've found the Lumitron.  Gotta say I was surprised I didn't find it at my Target first, which had the Rayven before anyone else in town.  If there's one thing the Vortex line does well, it's box art.  I love how there's a matte finish on the box with glossy finish on the logos and images.  It's a cool effect.

Then there's the same idea for "Double your Darts" now for Vortex.  The Vigilon is coming with "Double your Disks" in a 10 pack, which isn't bad.  There was a Proton there, but it means you go from a measly 3 to a slightly better 6.  Either way, these "Double your" whatever packs are nice, but they never seem to last on shelves very long.

That's all for now!


  1. The Gatling Blaster returns. That thing is horrible.

    1. Returns? I didn't know it existed in the first place. Oh well, that's off-brand ignorance for ya! I still have yet to pick up anything that isn't a Nerf-brand blaster. Loyalty? Maybe, but the designs for everything else just don't... do it for me, you know?

  2. that double your discs thing looks pretty cool...

  3. Very interesting on the Vortex double your discs. For some reason Nerf made sure you'd lose darts or discs no matter what :P Seeing the lumitron is nice but I already got a Rayven

  4. As you are, I am pretty impressed with the 8 darts blaster. I was wondering when/if air zone would ever do something with the tactical rails worthwhile. Might be fun to see what could be done with the little arrow launcher. Also, with all the integration things modders do anyway, you'd imagine, as you said already, that someone would've come out with a tac rail gun sooner.