Sunday, February 12, 2012

LTAR @ ToyFair 2012!

ToyFair 2012 is here and my eyes are on the Hasbro Lazer Tag booth!  Here's a look, courtesy of ChipChick, at the Lazer Tag Alternate Reality (LTAR) blasters!  Here's a bit from them:
Once we got our hands on the  LAZER TAG Blaster Set, we couldn’t put it down. The game is as addicting as ever and the app is so intuitive that you are immersed in a whole new world like never before. The proprietary LAZER TAG app is as smooth as silk and upon taking down an opponent, you see a plume of smoke with every shot that is fired accurately. This new toy is most definitely putting that wanna be  Xappr gun to shame.
It gives us a great look at how the iOS cradle holds the iPod Touch or iPhone on the blaster.

Obviously, Hasbro is going to be pushing the iDevice integration, so I didn't see much on the "Classic Mode".  If you wanna see pictures of the LTAR without the iOS cradle, check out this post I made earlier.

We've got a bit of a Q&A with TagFerret as well, courtesy again of Windjammer.

> Wonderful to see Hasbro create such an extravagant booth for Lazer Tag. Hopefully more will be posted on other blog sites.
Yes, LTAR is supposed to be Hasbro's flagship product in their new Digital Gaming line. We're very excited about that, as it essentially means we have our own division with Hasbro dedicated to promoting the gear.

> Can you give us an overview on what the switches on the,side do?
There are only two switches, the rearmost one is power on/off and the forward one is IR transmitters indoor/outdoor power level.

It has the same IR current regulation circuit as the TMB and LTX by the way.


  1. The only reason why I would choose the Apptag guns over these is mainly because this seems to only hold iPhones, or iPod touch, and I hate apple too much to buy any of their products.

    1. There's an Android app planned for release next year. This is designed to work with pretty much any smart phone, just needs a headphone jack with a microphone input in it and software access to said jack.

  2. Now the holder makes more sense then what I had originally thought. it will encase your ipod not clamp down on it.