Saturday, February 11, 2012

Red vs Blue?

If you have chatted with me on NM&R or know me personally, you know I'm a fan of the popular webseries: Red vs Blue.  There was a post on Urban Taggers pointing out that the same kid who was pictured using the new N-Strike Elite Rampage CS-25 was toting the Vortex Pyragon, labeling him as a "double agent".  While it was a funny catch that I completely missed (I was too busy paying attention to the blasters I guess!) it got my ticker thinking.  A dangerous pastime, I know.

The new "N-Strike Elite" blasters have this new universal dart that has blue foam and the new Vortex Blaster, though it hasn't been called "Vortex Elite" or anything like that, has red disks.  I couldn't help but think that the Pyragon might be part of a new line of Vortex Blasters that'll get similar ranges to the 75ft claims of N-Strike Elite.  Lets face it, the driving force behind Vortex in the matchup was the range of those XLR Disks.  Vortex blasters could easily outshoot stock N-Strike blasters in terms of range.  We conducted a play test of Vortex blasters vs N-Strike Blasters and saw this difference firsthand.

So with the Blue blasters and Darts for N-Strike Elite, might there be an "Elite"-type side for Vortex?  There's a lot of possibilities I can see, but I couldn't help but wonder with the new Disk Color seen on the Pyragon.

Feel free to discuss this possibility.  The N-Strike vs Vortex side has been there, but are they color coding it now?


  1. Best series ever... of all time.

  2. Agent Washington on the Vortex discs: "It bounces... who make ammo that bounces... this is the worst ammo ever... of all time.

    LOVE RvB!!!!!!