Sunday, April 15, 2012

Tactical Tag Celebrates 1 year!

Today marks this blog's 1 year Anniversary!  All this week I'll be doing some throwback posts/updates on older stuff from some of the most visited posts we've had so far.  It's been a GREAT year and I can't say I expected even half of the attention and support this blog has gained during it's brief time on the interwebs.

I want to thank everyone who's subscribed, followed, read, commented, and contributed to this blog.  There are FAR too many folks to thank at this point, which is just a testament to how great the community is here.  It's been an honor to serve you thus far and a great pleasure to share my work with you on here.  Tactical Tag has come a LONG way from it's initial "Welcome" post one year ago today and it's all thanks to you!

Keep fighting the good fight!  Stay tuned this week for a look back at some of this blog's popular posts as well as more news on projects I'm working on!


  1. Hearty congratulations Zook! Can't wait to see what you're tinkering with.

  2. hey zook I have been a looooooong time reader and love the work you do, I am making my own elite longshot because that idea you had was just genious, You have one of the fastest news updates out of any other site out there, I wish you luck and hope that things all go well for you.


  3. Well done zook! Keep up the great work man, this is probably my favourite blog these days!

  4. Giveaway? :P

    On a real note, good job! We hope Pacific Nerf will one day become as good as Tactical Tag. Sometime in the very distant future...

  5. woooh! one good strong year, and hopefully more on the way!

  6. Congratulations zook!!! Hope you've got enough wars,events,mods and material to keep posting on this awesome blog!!! Keep up the good work!