Monday, April 2, 2012

Ridiculously Oversized Red/Green Dot Sight

So this past weekend we had a "Mod Night" that a few of you chimed in to check out with us.  I had originally thought to post this picture as an April Fools thing, but I decided to fool you with the Firefly'd Firefly instead (seemed to work out well).  Here's the lowdown on this thing!
This has got to be the largest Red/Green dot sight I've ever seen in my life.  A friend who was at the Mod Night brought it to show us but he said when he purchased it online, there wasn't any sort of comparison to just how big it would be.  He was expecting it to be much smaller.  It's a Chinese knock-off sight, so I'm not sure if it's based off of a real model that's actually this large.

Regardless, the only blaster it looked halfway normal on was this Stampede, and not even on the top rail (looked very strange up there.  We mounted it instead on the rail where the sheild would normally go and it did alright.

It's still ridiculously oversized, so I just thought I'd share that.  Stay tuned to the blog this week as I show you some more of what we worked on during Mod Night.  I've got an awesome holster I wanna share with you but, until then, check out The Document's awesome holster!


  1. whoops...I actually thought that thing was I didnt comment!

    1. Isn't real? Its right there on the blaster! It's very real!

  2. Am I silly for really wanting one of those? Or several? A room full of people making that face and trying to shoot each other would be priceless.

  3. I think it would probably be pretty good on a vulcan since its the largest nerf blaster by volume.

  4. Dat face = epic.

  5. Those are actually real.
    You mount them on a fixed/vehicle mounted machine gun - like a Browning .50 or something. It's big, because the larger sight window allows you to put it further from the operator's face (and you don't exactly get cheek weld on mounted HMG).
    The proper ones are apparently made by Kemper.