Monday, April 16, 2012

120,000 Views later...

So in trying to decide what to this week's posts about, I thought I'd throw the statistical story out there first.  There are significant spikes in viewership that reflect some of this blog's "shining moments" of it's first year in operation.
When the blog first started out, it was simply projects I had been working on.  I was getting my feet wet and picked up a few loyal followers, but it wasn't really a whole lot to brag about, averaging a little over 1,000 views a month until August.  It wasn't really until Urban Taggers picked up on my work on the LTX DMR that things started to pick up.

In early September, I got news from Tag Ferret about the latest Lazer Tag system to come out.  News of that spread like crazy and it was really one of this blog's first notable contributions for new information.  September marked 10,000 pageviews, and for good reason.  The completion of the LTX DMR and additional news about LTX accessories getting released got a good amount of attention.

October kept the spike going with our N-Strike vs Vortex Game we held less than a month out from it's release.  News from Tag Ferret about Lazer Tag updates and other projects kept the spike going on into Christmas, where I took some time off (you can see the slight dip in attendance from that).  In general, the attendance increase continued at a steady pace until February.  Toy Fair and all the info surrounding that hit fans with loads of new information that flooded pretty much every blog out there but, among all the Elite and Lazer Tag news, I found the Vortex Pyragon in a slideshow sent to me.  Whenever that blaster comes out, I feel compelled to get my hands on it to say "Thanks", as viewership has more than doubled since that.

It's been a crazy road and this week I'll be visiting some blasters, news, and posts about the stuff that got Tactical Tag where it is now.


  1. I remember the chat about the pyragon. Was a full house for like an hour. When I was on it was only a few,then when I come back full house. Good times....

  2. You wish you had 120,000 posts. :P

  3. Wish I could say I was here from the beginning :P
    Stalking of old posts commences.... Now.