Friday, April 6, 2012

Variable Drop-Leg Holster

I normally don't use holsters for Nerf or Laser Tag because, quite honestly, nothing I have seen is large enough to fit my blasters.  However, over at One Source Laser Tag, they've developed a custom Drop-Leg holster that's versatile enough to not only fit great blasters for sidearms, but might change the way you look at Sidearms in general.

Normally we think of grossly underpowered, "Man I wish I had my primary right now" blasters being tossed in a pocket since no real holsters exist for these.  Sure there's a few ways you can store your blasters on you, but one look at this holster and you'll be seeing things a little differently.  Check out the video review below.


  1. Video isn't working for me. :(

  2. This is timely for me as I'm just looking into different ways to carry sidearms effectively. Looking forward to the video.

  3. Nice! I always thought the vigilon could be used as a secondary/sidearm, now it has been confirmed. By the way how much did you buy it for?

  4. Hmmm, interesting. The variability is nice, but how is it really in combat or in practice? Drawing the vigilon was nice and smooth, but what about reholstering it? Is it still as secure then? Not to mention as cool as it is to have a Lumitron as a "side-arm" it seems like you were having problems drawing it out.

    Personally, I have a leather holster I made when I worked for a leather shop. It's not variable, which sucks, but fits the vigilon and recon quite nicely, along with a few others. Sadly, it's a bit too roomy for the likes of a maverick or nightfinder.

    Still, an interesting option, and I love having options.

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    1. This thread was published over two years ago. 1SLT's website has been down for quite awhile. I'll try and get in contact with the webmaster and see if these can still be ordered.