Monday, April 23, 2012

Gearing Up, but not for Nerf!

If you check this blog and my YouTube channel purely for Nerf-related stuff, you may just want to skip the next two weeks or so (although I will have the new Xplorer Longstrike grip soon).  Why?  Well I'm gearing up for the next regular season of laser tag for this summer!

Just as the Omaha Laser Challenge Association is changing it's name and equipment to support the new line of Lazer Tag gear coming out in August of this year, I'll be focusing most of my time on preparing for the upcoming season and taking you along for the ride.  Park walk-throughs, Summer Season information, history of our group, and upcoming projects will all be covered as preparations are made for our 7th Season of outdoor Laser Tag that will open on May 9th.

I'm pretty certain the bulk of my readership is Nerf Fans, so if that's true for you, I invite you to give laser tag a look for the next week or so through my experiences with it.  There's plenty of reasons I enjoy both Nerf and Laser Tag.  I've been seeing more questions regarding laser tag and it's kind of surprising to me how little folks know about it so, much like I did back at the start of the year, if you've got more questions, post 'em up!


  1. Can you please pull some strings to get a how to video of the all feared Boosted Board? I thinks that's what you called it...? the one that was put in his RE-Con MK3(or MK2) that over powers the Led To preform better.

  2. Urban Taggers rulz support ya mate !