Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The Saving Spring!

No, it's not a belated comment about Easter or talking about this season at all (though it is ironic), but the 5KG spring that I am increasingly becoming a fan of has been taking OMW's kits by storm.  In a recent e-mail from Orange Mod Works, problems with the Alpha Trooper and Raider Massacre kits have prompted the use of the 5KG spring as well as padding for the plungers.

They've also included some hard science to back up the advantages of using the 5KG spring.
The 5kg spring will further increase the durability of this kit by reducing the stress placed on the metal priming rod during use.  Using the 5kg spring will result in a slightly lower muzzle velocity when compared to the 6kg spring, but the overall firing range is not reduced, due to the fact that stock streamlines are more stable when traveling around 70-80 feet per second.

Makes sense to me!


  1. Came home from work and got the email, a well considered play by OMW, definitely. Hopefully the issues with my AT can be resolved. One way or another, it's great to see them respond to their products' issues so professionally.

  2. Hey... the streamlines in the image. The tip codes spell KATE, intentional?

    1. Indeed! I always thought it was interesting how they chose their letters for the tip codes. Seemed odd that they didn't follow the alphabet, so I made them spell something instead. Good catch!

    2. couldent make that out good spot!

  3. is that the name of your girlfriend?