Friday, April 15, 2011


Hello, world!  I'm Bazookafied (go by "Zook" for short most of the time) and one of my big hobbies is modifying Nerf and Laser Tag blasters for recreational use around town with friends and colleagues.  These games have been great social outlets and are safe and convienent enough to play just about anywhere and I am, at heart, a tinkerer.  So messing with these blasters has been a fun hobby of mine for quite some time.

After struggling to try to find a decent outlet to work on my hobbies, I've decided to go solo on this.  Relying on others to hold up an active community as I originally planned apparently isn't my thing, so here we go!

What can you expect from this blog?
  • Buildups of Projects
  • Photos and Stories of Games
  • Interesting News I happen to find
This is Tactical Tag!  Enjoy!


  1. i came back here to see what the first post was

  2. Thought I'd read your first post on your 3 year anniversary.