Monday, April 9, 2012

OLCA Announcement

Last week during the Mod Night I held, I had a few of my Omaha Laser Challenge Association (OLCA) faithful in attendance.  Amidst the modding, we discussed what to do about the ever-popular Fight Night.  For those who don't know, for the past 5 years, the OLCA had been running weekly games during the summer that meet at the same time and place each week called "Fight Nights".  They've been very popular and have seen average weekly attendance between 25 and 35 people.

This year will mark what would be the OLCA's 7th Summer Season and 6th year of managing these games.  However, after years of running weekly games, the veterans and organizers who have helped run these games have become much more busy with life.  To save the Fight Night but also to save the veteran's increasingly rare spare time to put towards planning and preparing for these games, we've decided to turn the Weekly Fight Night into a bi-weekly event.

One of our first games: July 3rd, 2006
 At first, this is an obvious setback in an otherwise active summer season of Laser Tag.  However, much of the reason we have decided to change to a bi-weekly format is to allow special games at different locations to be planned during the off-weeks that the schedule now permits.  In years past, it was busy enough to prepare for weekly games at the same park with our schedules unable to allow us to plan a game at a different park or on a different day.  Now, with the bi-weekly format, we are able to still serve the needs of our everyday tagger that show up to the games whenever they can while having more time to plan special events at different and more challenging locations.

In addition to changing the summer schedule, we are also changing the name of this long-established group to accomodate the fact that we are no longer limited to the Laser Challenge brand or that our games are exclusively held in the city of Omaha.  To anticipate our group's outreach to other systems and locations, the name has been generalized to the Midwest Laser Tag Association, or MLTA.  Our group plans to promote the best in laser tag and with the LTAR on the horizon for release at the end of our summer season, we're preparing to host more games using gear that is directly compatible with it.  Our group-wide collection of Lazer Tag Team Ops and Phoenix LTX blasters will allow us to continue to host the large turnout we have come to expect over the years.

I'll eventually work up a new logo for the MLTA, as I know it'll help set this name change in stone.  The OLCA has been good to us, but in order to expand what we're doing and promote the new systems we tag with, it was necessary to make these changes.  What will technically be the 7th Season of the OLCA can be considered the first season of the MLTA, though it's the same great group of people tagging at our favorite local parks with bigger plans and better gear.

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  1. Think you can expand more to the Crystal Coast? I have 3 LTTOs that could get some use.....