Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Retaliator Accessories

So Nerf Mods & Reviews got the drop on the latest vid from Nerf Nation about the Retaliator.  I decided to get some closer pictures of what I'M most interested in about this blaster: it's accessories.  With the exception of the Recon barrel, the rest of the Retaliator's accessories look great.  The Orange Foregrip will look great on just about any blaster, the 12-dart clip looks to have a transparent orange section on the right side of the blaster, and the stock looks great and will hopefully be nice and sturdy too.

I am a bit worried about this stock after looking iat it more.  Not so much from a stability standpoint, but rather in terms of it's length.  Looking at the blaster compared to a Recon I have and a Raider stock, it's not nearly as long as I originally thought.  Perhaps it's just the angle things are at, but it looks like the Lightningstorm Stock and the Raider Stock will still be much longer in terms of extension go than this one.  I hope it ends up being longer than I'm seeing here, because it's measuring up to be a little longer than a Raider Stock extended a little past 1 click.

However, while we have great info on the blaster's accessories, now there's an even MORE gray area in terms of the BIG question about N-Strike Elite: range.  The original listed ranges for Elite was 75 feet and, while that continues to be the case, there are European versions of this same commercial that list 15 meters for it's range, which converts to approximately 49 feet.  While this still isn't bad, it's certainly not the "Elite" range we were all expecting.  Nerf certainly has some clarifying to do in terms of it's range claims and this conflicting information only makes things less clear.


  1. How did I know that you were going to do this post? :)

  2. I love the stock and new transparent clip but yes, Hasbro definetley has some explaining to do in terms of range. Still holding out for that rampage vid!

  3. The stock may be short but at least it will be stronger than a Recons flimsy stock.

  4. Perhaps this stock will be adjustable too? It looks like it might be possible, but we dont have a good enough angle to tell for sure.

    I'm more interested in the Raider remake anyways. I want that 25-dart drum.